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Coworking has become a mainstay in Barcelona after growing in popularity for years. Coworking in Barcelona has seen an evolution in the amount of coworking spaces and what they offer. This is due to the increase in technology-related jobs which are mostly occupied by freelancers (the biggest coworking group with 41%).

The number of hybrid workers has seen an incredible rise following the global pandemic which has led to a more flexible approach to choosing where to work. That’s why coworking in Barcelona has never been more popular than right now.

In this article, you’ll find all the information that you need about the different Aticco locations and what makes them unique. Aticco Workspaces offer five different, distinctive locations for the perfect coworking space in Barcelona.

Come and discover the flexible spaces of Aticco Workspaces in Barcelona and learn how to get the most out of this city: one of the favorite destinations for the most relevant companies in the world and an important focus of business and investment in Europe.

Its climate, culture, and leisure offer make it a valuable reason for companies looking to retain talent and improve the quality of life of their teams, as well as for professionals looking to grow.

The way we work has changed and workspaces need to adapt to new models.  Aticco takes care of this need through our five coworking centers in Barcelona, all of these locations share the same amazing offer.


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Unbeatable Locations

Being flexible means being mobile. All Aticco buildings are located for mobility and comfort.

Flexible Plans

Aticco offers plans that are suited to you, not the other way around. This way, you only focus on what's important to you.

Organise Events

Aticco combines the proffesionalism of corporate events with the flexibility of the startup world: the perfect combination for your event.

Community Building

An entrepreneurial community that encourages making connections and networking. Aticco hosts a variety of social and professional events weekly.

Coworking Barcelona

Aticco Bogatell

C. de Pallars, 108

The biggest and newest member of the Aticco family; Aticco Bogatell is located in the heart of the technology and innovation district: 22@. You’ll find a mixture of leisure, restaurants, living spaces, and tech companies in the 22 Barcelona area.

22 Barcelona is part of the Poblenou neighborhood. Poblenou is known for the beaches and the lively atmosphere. Our Coworking in Poblenou accommodates a lot of tech and innovation startups and companies.

This Aticco building has an amazing 360 view over the city and highlights the Sagrada Familia. You’ll never bore yourself with a top-floor terrace like this!

This building is not only amazing for its location, it’s also massive. An amazing 6000 m2 spread over 8 floors will make sure you (and your team) will have enough space to work. There are many plus sides to coworking in Poblenou and Aticco is one of them.

Highlights of Aticco Bogatell

Aticco Events

Aticco Events are usually organized in this Aticco center. Ideal for people that want to attend events Frequently!

Grand Spaces

Aticco Bogatell has all the space that you and your team need to work in the optimal way: all offices can be changed to your liking!

Gym Workout

Relief all your stress and start sweating with this built-in gym! Take a break from the meetings and exercise, free of costs!

Coworking Barcelona

Aticco Hospitalet

Rambla de la Marina, 456

This Aticco center is located in the booming metropolitan area of Barcelona: l’Hospitalet de Llobregat. In between the river Llobregat and Barcelona, this city is known for being busy, vibrant, and the number of international people living there.

23% of the population in ‘Hospitalet’ is an international living in this city of connection. A lot of digital nomads and freelancers have located in this area because of its location and activities. This place is right in the middle of the airport El Prat and the center of Barcelona, a 15-minute ride and you’re already at the airport!

The ‘second city of Barcelona’ is home to a lot of business ventures, congresses, fairs, and international events. This Aticco center is a prosperous proposition for your business.

Hospitalet has become a contemporary & innovative city, looking to the future. Some call it ‘the Brooklyn of Catalonia’, for the evolution from old factories into creative spaces and for the new cultural spaces and civic centers. At Aticco, we want to inspire people by showing innovation firsthand. Aticco Hospitalet is the example of that.

Highlights of Aticco Hospitalet

Perfect location

Taking the metro from the airpot to your workspace or hop into town for a meeting. This location is perfect for frequent travellers or someone with visitors!

Growing vicinity

This part of Hospitalet is growing in popularity by the day. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to make this Aticco location your headquarters!

Vibrant city

This city is perfect for making connections with like minded freelancers/companies or digital nomads!

Coworking Barcelona

Aticco Med

Passeig de Garcia Fària, 49

This Aticco center never ceases to amaze new Aticco members upon arrival. The beautiful building, the abundance of natural lighting, the amazing terrace, and the swimming pool make sure that your coworking in Barcelona is sublime in every way. Barcelona coworking has many different coworking spaces but we can assure you there are none like this one.

Aticco Med is located in Poblenou, nearby the Parc del Forum. Coworking in Poblenou is a great way of combining work and leisure environment because of the many different shops and restaurants in the area. Coworking in Poblenou is diverse and you can feel that in the area. This same diversity shows that anyone is welcome to work here and work on their goals.

This Aticco center is also excellent for physical business meetings or collaboration meeting points. This location will make sure your business relation will remember this experience in the best way possible. Aticco Med gives you the opportunity to show you and your brand in an optimal way.

Highlights of Aticco Med
Brilliant meeting point

Taking the metro from the airpot to your workspace or hop into town for a meeting. This location is perfect for frequent travellers or someone with visitors!

Lovely Scenery

This part of Hospitalet is growing in popularity by the day. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to make this Aticco location your headquarters!

Swimming Pool

This city is perfect for making connections with like minded freelancers/companies or digital nomads!

Coworking Barcelona

Aticco Urquinaona

Ronda de Sant Pere, 52

Where it all began: this Aticco center was the first coworking Barcelona experience for Aticco Workspaces. This center has been developing since the first day and keeps growing in popularity!

Urquinaona, located in the city centre, is a place where your team can develop and adapt to exactly what is necessary for you. These highly adjustable private offices can grow or downsize to your personal needs.

On the other hand, this six-story building has facilities designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Perfect for freelance coworkers. The spaces and services made available to you offer the best environment to work comfortably and develop your ideas.

Mobility is a must in today’s flexible work environment, Aticco Urquinaona is the most centrally located center in the Aticco roster. Perfect for mobile and agile coworkers that are on the move all the time.

Highlights of Aticco Urquinaona
Amazing Terrace

The 400 m2 terrace can be ideal to switch up your work environment or just to get some fresh air. This roof top terrace is the best way of connecting with other coworkers and broaden your network.

Free Gym

Forget about unused gym memberships. Aticco Urquinaona has its own gym which you can use whenever you like comfortably and quickly. No additional costs! All plans include 24/7 gym access.

Places To Go

The renowned Plaça Catalunya sqaure is a few minutes walk, the Born district is also walking distance and Passeig de Sant Joan is around the corner. Enough places and locations to celebrate your teams successes!

Coworking Barcelona

Aticco Verdaguer

C/ de Provença, 339

The Aticco Verdaguer center is in the downtown area of Barcelona. Here you’ll find everything your heart desires in a work environment: gyms, restaurants, cafes, museums, etc. All located in the vivid Grácia neighborhood.

Grácia is blessed with a lot of digitally talented people: creativity and design can be seen throughout this area. The beating heart of this is IED Barcelona, the design school of the city that pours itself out onto the streets of Grácia. Coworking in Grácia is perfect for digital artists with a creative and open mind.

Coworking in Grácia has been rejuvenated over the past 5 years with different kinds of locations, buildings, and plans available for people working in the area. Aticco offers day passes for 1,5 or 10 days for people to try out if coworking in Barcelona is for them. Introduce yourself to coworking in Grácia with one of these deals, or just contact us!

In this Aticco center, you’ll have to choose on which outdoor surface you want to have lunch or a coffee! Verdaguer has two different terraces, with one being on the second floor and the other on the rooftop. These outdoor locations give you the opportunity to connect with the Aticco community during community activities or network with other coworkers. The choice is yours.

Highlights of Aticco Verdaguer
Outdoor Selection

Aticco Verdaguer offers two outside areas with the patio on the first floor and the terrace on the fifth. That makes this location unique for the coworkers that want to work/connect outside.

Inspirational Places

Grácia Barcelona is the most bohemian and cosmopoltian side of Barcelona you will encounter. The multicultural society that lives here can be felt when walking down these streets.

The Cantine

Enjoy a fresh breakfast bowl with a cafe cortado in between calls. The Cantine in Aticco Verdaguer truly outdoes itself.

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