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Coworking spaces are mostly occupied by freelancers and digital nomads. Why? Why are ‘normal’ office spaces not popular with this ever-expanding group? Well, freelancers like freedom, and a coworking space is exactly that!

You want to be flexible in your work, so why wouldn’t you want that for your work location?

This blog post contains four solutions to some of the biggest problems that freelancers face.

  • Networking in a coworking space
  • Coworking is productive
  • Coworking is less stressful
  • The extra benefits

Coworking for freelancers


Networking in a coworking space 

Besides having a comfortable place to work, coworking spaces can also be a perfect way of networking without being too pushy about your brand. Potential new customers can be sitting right next to you!

Connect with like-minded freelancers

Freelance work can be great for people that work well on their own, but it can also be a bit lonely. Making connections will give your business new ideas and possibly even new collaborations. Freelancers typically work in Marketing & advertising, computer software, information and technology, design, human resources, or computer security.

Coworking spaces often host events and talks with interesting speakers about relevant topics. For freelancers, this is the perfect way of finding other freelancers with similar interests. It provides freelancers a chance of expanding their network and/or portfolio.

Expand their professional network after joining a coworking space

Coworking is productive

Feeling productive is one of the best feelings there is, working hard all day so that at the end of the day you can check off all your daily to-do tasks. Coworking spaces increase productivity for freelancers, you have a different mindset when working in an ‘office’ environment instead of sitting at home.

Boost your productivity

Sharing ideas is a great way of boosting your productivity. Feeling that you are part of something also makes you more engaged in your work. There are a lot of aspects that help to be more productive, some are hard to have at home.

For example natural lighting, 24/7 access, multiple centrally located locations, and high-quality desks. All these different aspects will ensure that you are going to be more productive when working.

Apart from that, 70% of coworkers feel healthier when working in a coworking space. They also improve on handing their task in in time, 67% of freelancers say that they reach deadlines more easily.

Besides, we all sometimes feel like working together makes us feel more productive. I mean, that is the whole reason why we work in offices in the first place. For unity and togetherness in achieving a shared goal or objective.

Of coworkers say that a coworking space makes them more motivated

Advantages of hot desking

You need a lot of discipline when working from home if you don’t want to be distracted. A coworking space will ensure that there is always something or someone around. And the moment that everything feels a bit overwhelming, there are always meeting rooms to work more focused.

Besides, changing your work environment and desk every day (hot desking) can prevent falling into the same pattern. This can lead to feeling less creative and driven.

And although working in your pajamas from home sounds very attractive, switching your work environment stimulates working.


Coworking is less stressful 

Running your own business or having multiple projects at once can be stressful at times. Coworking can be very useful on that front.

No extra surprises

Working in a coworking space is hassle-free. The extra costs and payments that you otherwise would’ve had are all gone because of the subscription payment. Just a monthly fee and the rest is taken care of. This will make sure that you focus on what really matters: growing your business and providing the best possible service/product to your clients.

You don’t want to be surprised with extra costs or payments, especially if you are a freelancer. And you don’t have to manage the building of your office. Just take your laptop and leave.  

No long term contract

Most ‘traditional’ offices have a lot of up-front payments and obligations. With coworking, you pay a fixed monthly fee which most of the time can be terminated each month. This depends on the contract.

The advantage is that your workplace is suited to your needs and not the other way around.


Coworkers talking in a coworking space
89% of coworkers say they feel happier after joining a coworking space. And 83say it makes them less lonely.


The extra benefits of a coworking space

A coworking space is more than just a place to work. Most coworking spaces offer a lot of extra activities and supplementary benefits. For example, a gym inside the building or an event just for freelancers. Most of the time, these extra events are organized by the coworking company and are attended by members of their community. However, some events are available for all people interested, without being a member.

Aticco is constantly organizing events for the Aticco community. The Aticco Events connects several like-minded people to the same place.


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