Coworking Barcelona

The modality of coworking is a modality of work that has been available for a long time to many teleworkers and entrepreneurs.. These are shared workspaces where you can carry out your work activities individually or with your team. Are you looking for a place to manage your business in the city of Barcelona? Keep reading! This might interest you.


¿Por qué apostar por el coworking para tu empresa?

There are entrepreneurs and organizations who are still not entirely clear about the benefits of having a coworking in Barcelona. But the truth is that coworking spaces are the best solution for organizations that are committed to a hybridworkmodel.

The spaces andservices offered by the coworking system are very advantageous: they can easily become yourbusiness center.. The difference is that, instead of paying the price for renting the whole premises, you will only pay the rentof the workspaceyou really need.

In Aticco we have the best coworking centers in the main business areas of Barcelona, with a design created to meet all your needs.

Our facilities will be your best presentation card and the social and neuralgic center of your company, if you squeeze all the potential of the services you have access to.

Make the most of them!

Flexible Workspacesin Barcelona with Aticco

If you’ve tried the coworking experience before, you may be tired of long compliance contracts with notices that are quite limiting. You simply won’t have this problem at Aticco. That’s why we emphasize the word flexible when we talk about our coworking spaces.

The workspaces we offer are fully customized for both your needs and those of your team. You can grow, decrease or change the contracted spaces simply from one month to the next. We flow with you. In fact, to make things even easier for you, we have hybrid plans so you can combine different memberships, each member of your team having exactly what they need. No more and no less.

At Aticco we create communities: differententrepreneurshipevents, technological perks and weekly workshops, among other tools, await you if you embark on your adventure from Aticco.

The ideal workspace for startups in Barcelona

Let it be very clear! The rental of coworking spaces in Barcelona is not only for companies. It is also for entrepreneurs or freelancers who work alone.

Shared spaces are ideal because, being away from home, it is easier for us to concentrate and focus only on what we really have to do at work. In addition, it is essential to separate professional and personal life.

As for occupational health, workspaces such as our coworking are highly recommended.In addition to providing agility and cost savings, its community nature encourages the creation ofsynergiesand the approach to new trends, technologies and opportunities.

Espacio ideal

Nuestros coworking en Barcelona lejos de la monotonía y cerca de ti

Having a registered, legal or tax address in a coworking space in Barcelona, right in the center, already allows us to present ourselves in a very professional way. Moreover, if you want to impress your potential customers, you can bring them to the terrace and show them some views to remember such as those of Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, Paseo de Gracia or even the sea.

Shared and private offices in the best areas

Barcelona has become one of the main business and investment hubs in Europe. And Aticco is the preferred entrepreneurship ecosystem for startups looking for growth and investment opportunities, and for companies that want to improve their teams’ talent retention.

The Aticco locations are in the best business areas of Barcelona, in the economic districts and in the new technological areas. The events and initiatives we organize on a monthly basis allow our community to weave an international network of connections.


Aticco, la mejor opción de coworking en Barcelona

Therental of workspaces continues to increase. More and more self-employedentrepreneurs and companies have the clear purpose of increasing their productivity.

At home, this is usually impossible because we always have distractions. Aticco workspace is ready to offer a perfect work environment for you and your team.

Services and training

Services and synergies that will allow you to grow your project

In Barcelona, Aticco coworking offers much more than a place for the management of our team.

You will have basictools such as printers for document management or an agenda management system to see the schedules available for a private meeting in the room of your choice, plus more advanced tools such as flipchart whiteboard, projector, etc.

Likewise, if you are looking for an environment that enhances inspiration and learning you can enjoy our agenda ofworkshops, conferences and round tables – such as StartupTalks or ImpactTalks – and our Office Hours with partners in various topics such as legal, financing, or human resources, among others.

Your best presentation card

Presence is everything. And we have the place and the tools for you to make your best presentation.

What do you need?

  • Your own office or a shared office
  • Large fixed table to work with your team
  • A meeting room
  • A flexible space for events
  • Tax-wise, a professional registered address to be shown on your invoices
  • Enjoy a good privacy policy
  • A place to receive your parcels
  • Increase the motivation of your team
  • Create synergies with other companies and top professionals

Take off with our coworking centers in Barcelona!

Do you know what one of the best conditions is? That you may add services or subtract them depending on your needs so that you navigate to the sound of your own economy. And you’ll never be alone, physically or otherwise, because our team is there to help you achieve your goals.


Which plan suits you best?

FLEX Coworking


Choose a different desk every day, between flex areas and common spaces.

FIX Coworking


Choose your desk for exclusive use and leave your work material.

Private Offices

Ask for pricing

Your private office, with all the amenities and services you need.


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Are you looking for a coworking space or a private office? An events room?