Find out which Aticco plan suits you. Compare our different prices depending on which center meets your needs and everything that they include and choose the best option for YOU! We know that we are not all the same, and that is why we offer a wide variety of plans. For those who are not much in the office because they travel, for those who are in the office at all hours, for those who need private space, for those who love to work surrounded by people… And if you need something that is not here, please contact us and we’ll find alternatives together.


The most important companies in the world have been betting on the coworking model for a long time. Flexible spaces and amazing offices become a necessity. Growing companies need a flexible and simple solution to only focus on growing their business. If you are an ambitious company and want to have a diversity of spaces, retain your talent and surround yourself with a diverse community, we can help you. We’ll reinvent your workspace together.

Be a part of our community

Surround yourself with a community that inspires you. Sharing experiences’ and networking are key to your success. Discover new projects through training events we organize or create professional synergies in the First Friday or Afterwork that we celebrate every month

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