Referral Program


Tell your friends about Aticco, and for every new member you get, you and your friend will receive a reward. 
You just have to fill out the form to get started:  

Terms and Conditions

According to the terms and conditions stated below, after completion of the referral process Aticco will provide a monetary reward to clients that bring in new members to the company. Aticco will also pay the same amount to the new referred member. 

Referral Terms and Conditions

A referral must meet the following criteria in order to be considered valid:

  1. The person/company referred is not an active member of Aticco.
  2. The person/company bringing the referral provides the prospective member’s contact information via the official referral program form. Information provided via other forms available on the web will not be considered.
  3. The person/company referred has not previously contacted Aticco sales department.
  4. It must be the first time the person/company is referred and it’s not currently in Aticco’s client database.
  5. The person/company referred must have consented to the rights of sharing their contact details with Aticco by the person who refers them. 
  6. The person/company referred must sign a contract within three months from the date the referral form was originally submitted and accepted. 
  7.  In case of the reception of two or more forms referring to the same prospective member, Aticco will proceed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  8.  The referral program cannot be paired with any other promotions or special offers from Aticco.


Referral Form Submission

The following contact details must be provided in order for the referral form to be valid:

    • Full name and contact details of the person/company who refers.
    • Name of company, e-mail address, and the full name of the referred contact. 

All referral program forms missing any of the previous information will be automatically discarded. The person/company referred must have consented to the rights of sharing their contact detail information with Aticco by the person who refers them. 

How does the Referral Program work?

Once a referral form has been submitted, Aticco will contact the referred person/company and confirm if they are interested in becoming a member, as well as if their profile meets the criteria detailed on the referral terms and conditions section of this document. Once verified, Aticco will contact the person/company who submitted the referral to notify of the latter. Aticco will not accept any referrals that do not meet the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

Referral rewards

Aticco will pay a monetary reward to new referred members as well as to the person/company who submitted the referral. The reward amount will vary depending on the membership purchased by the new member.

This payment will be made once.

Flex Desk 40€

Fix Desk 75€

Private Office (from 2 to 4 pax) 250€

Private Office (from 5 to 9 pax) 500€

Private Office (from 10 to 12 pax) 1.000€

Private office: More than 12 people. *The reward amount corresponding to this membership will be negotiated with the Aticco sales team.


The payment options for referral rewards are the following:

– A person/company can directly invoice the due amount to COSPACE SL (Aticco). Aticco will then proceed to pay it via bank transfer.

-The amount can be deducted from the invoice of their monthly membership. 

-Via alternative payments. I.e.: Gift cards.