Shared Offices in Madrid

If you are looking for shared offices in Madrid, you must learn about Aticco. A coworking proposal in Madrid where you will have avantgarde facilities combined with flexibility in our membership plans for shared space.

All this in a space located in the best area of Madrid and with the best vibes. Check out the offices we have for you!

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3 reasons to choose Aticco shared offices in Madrid

You will win your clients over easily

From our shared offices in Madrid you can reach points of interest such as: Paseo de la Castellana, Gran Vía, Calle Ferraz or Calle Ortega y Gasset

The most emblematic and charming places in Madrid are perfect for closing good business deals. Don’t you think?

From your shared office, you can offer a very pleasant experience from the beginning in our facilities. And from these, your client will easily find the points of interest that you recommended or that he already knows and wants to visit again.

Having your office in the Castellana neighborhood has these inherent advantages!

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Everything you need in your office in Madrid

The wide variety of resources that we put at your disposal in our coworking space in Madrid makes betting on Aticco key in the development of your company:

  • We have the best space, adapted to your needs and in a harmonious environment.
  • Shared offices in a building with everything you need.
  • Private offices with open spaces and ready for productivity.
  • Affordable and customized package so that you grow with us at the pace you need.
  • The best space in the Salamanca district of Madrid.


Cost reduction and procedures that will allow you to grow your project

Embarking on the search for premises rentals in Madrid can lead to chaos and a big hole in our pocket.

For this reason, many freelancers or startups, instead of looking for private offices in Madrid to rent, prefer a shared office.

At Aticco Workspaces we have taken care of doing the search for you.

By choosing to locate your shared office in Madrid with Aticco, you will enjoy many services and resources with expenses included, such as cleaning the facilities, a mail reception service, multipurpose common areas, etc.

All essential services are included and, in addition, you will be able to opt for additional ones, so you only have to worry about your project.

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Espacios flexibles para autónomos, startups, grandes y pequeñas empresas 

Please be aware that by betting on shared offices in Madrid with Aticco, you will save a lot. The how much comes next. Look at the resources made available to you only by Aticco:

  • Reception room.
  • High-speed internet with optical fiber and WiFi.
  • Office tools such as professional printer, scanner, etc.
  • The latest technologyto further professionalize your image.
  • Rest areas where you can take a break in relaxing environments.
  • Many square meters of space to move around.
  • Co-working spaces and shared offices to work with other people.
  • Possibility to choose your private or shared office in Madrid.
  • Office in an open & fully equipped space.
  • Spacious training rooms.
  • Shared meeting room.
  • Rooms for events that are located in the heart of Madrid.
  • Common areas and workspaces with plenty of natural light.
  • Business club where new opportunities multiply.
  • Rental service of classrooms and private training rooms.
  • Innovative Ecosystem.
  • Community of professionals and connection with companies and professionals from all over the world.


Our goal is to help your business grow, that is why we have all kinds of spaces in our facilities.

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Shared Office in Madrid



Private Office in Madrid

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Private office for rent in Madrid



Offices for rent of different sizes and arrangements



Personalized office for rent in Madrid


Hello! Welcome to the start of a great collaboration

You are here because you need a workspace that adapts to this new normal and, above all, to the needs of your business. You want to focus on growing your projects and to take advantage of all the possible tools and contacts to start growing.

You wish to be sure that your place to grow is a fertile ground and leverage an entrepreneurial environment that makes your day to day easier and where you have the best & most flexible conditions.

Come to Aticco Workspaces and invest only in the resources you need at each moment.

Our shared offices and coworking spaces in Madrid are the place you are looking for. But, in addition, if in the future you need it, we are also in Barcelona, another of the most important business centers in the country, where opportunities, as in Barcelona, multiply.



Which plan suits you best?

FLEX Coworking


Choose a different desk every day, between flex areas and common spaces.

FIX Coworking


Choose your desk for exclusive use and leave your work material.

Private Offices

Rates available on request

Your private office, with all the amenities and services you need.


I am Briggitte, if you have any questions I will be happy to help you.

(+34) 932 710 007

Are you looking for a coworking space or a private office? An events room?