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Barcelona se ha consolidado como uno de los principales focos de negocio e inversión de Europa. Es el ecosistema preferido de las startups que encuentran en la ciudad condal el perfecto equilibrio entre las oportunidades de crecimiento
y de inversión, y la retención de talento de sus equipos. Además en los últimos años la presencia
de importantes multinacionales ha dado riqueza y profundidad al tejido empresarial. Y los importantes eventos tecnológicos en la ciudad tejen una amplia red internacional de connexiones.

coworking in Barcelona

Aticco Urquinaona 

It was our first space and maintains the original essence of the entrepreneurs. Located at 5 minutes from Plaza Cataluña, it allows you to enjoy 360 views over the whole city, ideal for small and middle companies.

Aticco Med

It is one of most spectacular centers. It is located on the seafront and its terrace has an amazing pool perfect for an escape. Great for any company size, including businesses with large teams.

Aticco Verdaguer

On the edge of Gracia and l’Eixample neighborhoods, Aticco Verdaguer offers versatile spaces combining a mix of open spaces and private spaces for teams that need it. The incredible patio is the crown jewel of this center!

Aticco Tarradellas

evento aticco tarradellas y toyota startups
If you are looking for a space where you can grow your team, Aticco Tarraddellas is your best option. Two minutes away from Plaça Francesc Macia includes a diversity of working spaces, meeting rooms, events venues, terrace, gym and playroom.

Aticco Bogatell

In the middle of [email protected] district, Aticco Bogatell offers a great range of possibilities for big teams. Its large spaces are perfect for accommodating hight growth companies which seek innovative and spectacular spaces to satisfy their personnel.

Aticco Hospitalet

For the ones that are running away from the city jam and look for a large and quiet space to develop their project, Aticco Hospitalet is a great option. Furthermore offers competitive rates and flexibility on all price plans.


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