Offices and private offices in Barcelona

If you need some privacy andare looking for private offices in Barcelona, the flexible spaces of Aticco Workspaces are your solution. You can enjoy a fully personalized office with all the services of cleaning, wifi, maintenance… included. And at the same time enjoy the coworking vibes in the common spaces and the meeting and workshop rooms. Access 24/7.

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Why choose a private office in Barcelona?

Barcelona is an important financial center of Catalonia and, in general, of Spain. It is one of the best places to establish the central and nerve center of your company. Precisely because it is so highly valued, renting offices in a mixed building or office buildings is usually expensive. So much so that, sometimes, when we are trying to launch our corporation or startup and we need to save, it seems that the only thing we can afford are practically booths with false ceilings, a few meters and no natural light.

Forget looking for commercial premises, a renovated office or paying for a new one. You already have an office available with an excellent location, exclusive services and ready for you to start working in it whenever you want, in Aticco. Your project needs a good image and Aticco will provide it in the most economical and flexible way.

What do our private rental offices in Barcelona have to offer?

We do not only cover the basics. We have climbed the mountain to help you also climb it with your project. Our spaces adapt to the needs of professionals and modern companies. With maximum flexibility to adapt to the different structures of the teams, and with all the necessary services to focus and improve satisfaction in the work environment.

We organize entrepreneurship events, technological perks and weekly workshops in our innovative facilities so that the possibilities of growth of your business skyrocket.


The best services

What’s the first thing you’d expect to find in your space when you rent an office?

Surely you have thought of the tools you need to be able to work, the main one: optical fiber to guarantee the maximum speed to communicate with your clients and / or your team. We got it!

To be comfortable you will also need a heating & AC system, meeting rooms, office services such as printer, projectors for the rooms, and other tools. Right? Well, we also have it!

In Aticco Workspaces you have the possibility of having a diaphanous office with natural light, meeting rooms, terrace, parking, private office and offices for private meetings with everything you need at your fingertips.

Our memberships offer maximum flexibility so that, no matter what you choose, you will have the meeting room hours you need to have with your team or your clients.

coworking aticco urquinaona
coworking con terraza en barcelona

Our offices in Barcelona are perfectly located

We have chosen each location with great dedication. We select the best district for your private office in Barcelona so that you do not have to count m2 and make a mess looking for a bright office with space that, in addition, offers you a great opportunity to connect with other companies and potential clients, right in the center from the city of Barcelona and at a flexible cost. Ah…! And with access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

The location of our private offices in Barcelona is ideal because it has many connections to public transport and everything you need in the same building.

At last you will be able to show off your location on the map. Even taking photos of you in the idyllic setting of your private office in Barcelona to save and upload to your website and social networks showing your brand and your business more solidly.

Grow at your own pace!

Aticco offers access to training that will keep you updated and located in the business market at all times. You will also enjoy different coworking or networking events that are organized weekly. We are with you on this great adventure.

If you are looking for an environment that enhances inspiration and learning you can enjoy our agenda of workshops, conferences and round tables – such as StartupTalks or ImpactTalks – and our Office Hours with partners in various topics such as legal, financing, or human resources, among others.

Every week we have new material and resources to keep you growing at your own pace.

Join a community of entrepreneurs in Barcelona

At Aticco we have a community of entrepreneurs from all over the world with whom you can connect and establish synergies or very productive working relationships from your private office in Barcelona. It is designed to be a catapult for startups and growth platform for companies.

Renting a private office in Barcelona becomes very simple with Aticco because you have nothing to worry about, we take care of every detail. So you have time to dedicate yourself to your project and to get to know the rest of the community.

With this aim, we organize a multitude of workshops and networking activities and events. And, as we want our members to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle, you will find a weekly program full of health activities such as yoga, pilates or meditation in all our spaces.

Stop counting hours with our private offices in Barcelona!

Our goal is clear: we want to make things much easier for you. We are already established and very well located at a strategic level so you will not have to look for a private real estate building next to key areas, among dozens of proposals, to find the perfect environment for you. We have already done it!

Set your tax address there and increase your reputation as well as your privacy.

Aticco workspaces adapt to the different needs of your project at each stage, in a totally flexible way. We’ve achieved this by setting up highly customized membership plans for you to take off using the resources you need.

The ideal office awaits youhere.

Choose the perfect district to enjoy your private office in Barcelona

We do not randomly choose the places to establish our address and, therefore, yours. In order to get the most out of the locations, we carried out a thorough study to settle in the key areas:

  • Forum Barcelona
  • Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • Poblenou 22@
  • Urquinaona
  • Verdaguer

All of them are the places from where you can work with Aticco and set your tax & registered address, with immediate benefit.

Don’t overlook this!

From our facilities, you can reach emblematic places of Barcelona. If your clients come from other countries, you can delight them and close a deal by visiting them or having a coffee in the area.

If you do not know the city, your clients or potential clients will appreciate having the opportunity to see the famous Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, Calle Balmes, Plaza de Cataluña or Rambla de Catalunya.

You may also teach them the best Catalan customs, traditions and gastronomy. Another element to fall in love with.

If you are ready, do not hesitate any longer. Contact us and you will fins the best private office for you.

despacho privado barcelona

Don’t waste any more energy looking for a space to set up your private office in Barcelona

You will find in all the places where we have located spaces for the rental of private offices in the best conditions:

  • Central offices in Barcelona capital and Barcelona province.
  • Offices with abundant natural light.
  • Meeting room on the same floor to save time traveling.
  • Offices in an exclusive building.
  • Areas with a work environment designed for comfort, concentration and inspiration.

Haven’t moved on to the new workspaces yet?

Traditional offices have become obsolete. Business, like teams, is increasingly demanding more flexibility. Come and get to know the coworking spaces with private offices of Aticco Workspaces in Madrid and boost the productivity and inspiration of your team. Enjoy the best services in the space and all included in the same invoice, without management or high investments in capex.


Which plan suits you best?

Coworking FLEX

Choose a different table each day, between flex areas and common spaces.

from 220€/person

Coworking FIX

Choose your desk for exclusive use and leave your work material in a fixed way.

from 360€/person

Private Offices

Your private office, with all the comforts and services you need.

Ask for price

Are you looking for a coworking space in Barcelona or a private office? A room for events?

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