Spaces for events in Madrid

Where would you celebrate a unique event? We have the answer: in the heart of the Salamanca district.

Or if you prefer, in your own workspace. Aticco Madrid makes everything available so you can organize events and meetings without leaving your offices. You have everything here to make an unforgettable meeting come true and surprise the attendees.

Because there are important moments in a company. A successful project to celebrate, good news to share or the expansion of a team eager to take on new challenges. There are also opportunities to meet and share ideas, discuss important topics for your industry, and launch a product you’ve been working on for some time.

With the same philosophy that we share with the coworkers, at Aticco Madrid we host events for professionals and corporations that enhance productivity and stimulate creativity with good vibes. Our formula is to combine the professionalism of corporate events with the flexibility of the startup world.

In addition, we have a team and a catering, audiovisual and experience services offer so you can focus on what matters: your project. Tell us about the event you would like to organize and do not wait any longer.

Why should you rent event space in Madrid with us?

What you can do in Aticco Madrid is more than you could ever imagine. Here are some reasons why you should organize events and meetings at our locations:

You will love the space of María de Molina, where you will have everything at your fingertips. In addition, it will be very comfortable since you will not have to leave your offices to meet the rest of the guests or your team.

The Aticco Madrid building is located in one of the best areas of the city. Thus, your guests or attendees will find it easy to move around and enjoy the meeting & the options offered by the district.

If you want to reach a larger audience, we have the technical support to carry out hybrid events with the best quality from Aticco María de Molina.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, discover some corners below. To learn more, do not hesitate to ask us.

All the spaces you need

Madrid is a city full of opportunities. As many as we offer you if you decide to organize your event with us. And when we help you in this mission, we do it with an idea in mind: that it be unique. Therefore, we customize every detail and adapt the space to your company, your story or your goal.

Tell us how you would like to surprise your guests, what conference you would like to prepare or how you imagine the afterwork you always dreamed of. If you don’t set limits, neither do we.

These are the different uses that you can give to our spaces but if you have other proposals, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

Aticco Madrid for Corporate Events

We offer combined work and event spaces to suit your agenda and objectives. They are designed to accommodate between 15 and 200 people, with maximum flexibility and all the comfort to enjoy the experience. In addition, we have a wide range of additional catering, audiovisual or transport services.

If you have never organized events for your company, it is now the time to discover everything they can bring you: both to build customer loyalty and to motivate your team.

Corporate events don’t have to be rigid and formal. Look for what inspires you and surprises everyone.

Aticco Madrid for filming and advertising

If you need a space for an advertising or film project, count on us. In any shoot, whatever the genre or plot, space is key to success.

The design of María de Molina building includes work and leisure areas, such as a gym, chill out, bar or an impressive terrace. Find various settings for your corporate videos or ads. All in the same location.

Don’t settle for recording a video. Tell a story that leaves you wanting more.

Conferences at Aticco Madrid

Choose one of our meeting rooms or spaces available in all locations, on an occasional or recurring basis. They are bright, fully equipped and offer catering service, including coffee and water plus access to outdoor areas and terraces.

Conferences are an opportunity to share ideas and catch up. You can also invite a recognized expert in your business industry to share their reflections.

The perfect event to share ideas, catch up on the news of your industry and network.

Would you like to publicize an innovative project?

Aticco Madrid bets on our coworkers’ entrepreneurship and talent.

If you have a project that deserves visibility, you will find the perfect place for it in our spaces.

In addition, the entire community will be involved.

Networking Events at Aticco Madrid

All our centers have audiovisual equipment to host conferences and networking events. But if what you want is to end the day in the best way, then your event should be an afterwork on our terraces.

Increase your list of contacts in a natural and spontaneous way.

Flexible spaces for tailor-made events in Madrid

Do you need an instagrammable space for a meeting with influencers?
Would you like to present a product and are you looking for a different space?
Do you have an awards ceremony with cocktail?

If the event you’ve imagined isn’t on this page, don’t worry. We can create it. Our spaces are flexible because they adapt to a wide range of experiences at events. Shall we talk?

Hybrid events at Aticco Madrid: do you know their possibilities?

Hybrid events are those integrating face-to-face and virtual attendance, to provide a 360º experience to attendees. In other words, they are beyond online events.

This trend has been a breath of fresh air for this industry and seems to have come to stay, given that the combination of the advantages of both formats is providing surprising results.

Conferences, workshops, concerts, competitions, awards ceremony… The range of possibilities is wide and the emergence of new proposals is constant.

Some of its advantages are:

  • You will achieve a greater reach and engagement: facilitating the presence also virtually will allow you to gather a larger number of people and thus address a wider audience.
  • Compliance with security measures: you can gather your community in a safe environment, complying with capacity limitations and without sacrificing the desired scope and impact.
  • Content is saved virtually: streaming platforms allow you to automatically store the recording of events. Therefore, it is possible to access it once the event is over. Imagine the great comfort and value it brings to organizers, attendees or those who did not have the opportunity to participate.
  • You can measure results: once over, hybrid events allow greater tracking, so you can analyze their impact and scope, as well as the attendees’ opinion.

If you like how this proposal sounds, we help you boost your hybrid events and enjoy a unique experience.

Come and get to know the spaces for events of Aticco Madrid

Located in the heart of the Salamanca district, Aticco María de Molina is in a privileged area with a strong presence of large companies, business schools and diplomatic delegations.

It is also just a few meters away from the Avenida de América metro station, which facilitates access to public transport for coworkers and event attendees.