On September 15, 2016 Aticco opened the doors of its first coworking space; a penthouse of 1.000m2 in the center of Barcelona that gave them their name. Its founders, three young entrepreneurs, wanted to create their own model correcting the errors they had detected in other shared workspaces. A year later they had already tripled their square meters, and by the end of 2018 they opened their third building in the city. The demand for Aticco spaces did not stop growing and this is how, what began as an independent and small operator, went on to become a benchmark of the industry in Barcelona.

In 2019 and in view of the power of the community, the startup begins to create a different growth strategy. It is no longer about adding square meters but about offering more and new services. Its commitment for the design of a wide range of professional and leisure events looking to promote connections and collaboration. Why? Because we believe in the power of “Co”, it is what has brought us here and what drives ideas and business.

With a view to bringing more layers of value to the community, in 2020 we launched two new brands that blurred the margins of what until then had been our niche market: AticcoLab, a platform to support entrepreneurship; and Aticco Living, a flexible housing model adapted to new generations.

That is why today, we can no longer define ourselves as a startup that offers coworking spaces. Aticco is currently much more than that: it is a cross-cutting initiative aimed at promoting new disruptive models of Work & Life; it is an ecosystem of support for entrepreneurship and connections, it is Aticco Ecosystem.

Last year we embarked on the adventure of innovation hubs, creating synergies with other important players in the entrepreneurship sector. Examples of this are the creation of the Marketing and Communication Hub created jointly with the Catalan Marketing, Communication, Advertising and PR Professional Association or the Future Finance Hub promoted in collaboration with FinTech Payments and which has its headquarters in the Heart of Salamanca, Aticco Workspaces building in María de Molina, Madrid. Including this, which was the seed of Aticco Ecosystem, Aticco Workspaces already has six open centers with capacity for more than 3,700 coworkers.

After five years of exciting path, we continue working with the aim of offering comprehensive services to empower startups, entrepreneurs and corporations so that they do not have to worry about anything more than what is really important: their ideas and projects.