Shared offices in Barcelona

If you are looking for shared offices in Barcelona, learn about Aticco. A coworking proposal in Barcelona where you will have an enhanced professional image, cutting-edge tools, flexibility in our shared spaces memberships, services included of great utility and without having to do any management that hinders your day to day.

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¿Por qué apostar por las oficinas compartidas en Barcelona de Aticco Workspaces?

Our facilities are designed to potentially increase your productivity. And we have been inspired by the resources of the most occupational health-conscious companies to create the perfect work environment.

In addition, at Aticco Workspaces you will find one of thelargest professional networks in Barcelona with which to generate opportunities and synergies. Enjoy moments of fun with the rest of the coworkers thanks to the weekly program of events: sports, afterworks, workshops, music and much more!

Come to meet us and discover how this investment will boost your business.


Barcelona Startup Ecosystem

Once you sign up with Aticco, you also become part of our entrepreneurship ecosystem, which will provide you with a fertile environment where you can establish your Basecamp and connect with a community of entrepreneurs from all over the world, very powerful, who will help you get your startup off the ground at full speed.

As a member of this community you have access to exclusive benefits such as:

  1. Free training sessions.
  2. Networking events.
  3. Resources related to entrepreneurship.

Every week you will have new resources so that you do not have to complicate your life looking for the relevant information.

Strategic locations to set your tax address

Having a tax address in a good location is one of the parts making up a corporate identity. Therefore, every location for Aticco shared offices in Barcelona is strategically located. This point is so important that, in fact, many businesses or freelancers have moved their virtual office to a private space in the heart of Barcelona.

And beware! In the province and city of Barcelona we have five different locations:

  • 22@
  • Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • Poblenou
  • Urquinaona
  • Verdaguer

From these places, it is very easy to contact and introduce yourself to new and very potential clients. In addition to sharing experiences and resources with other professionals. That’s just the idea! Apart from the own resources offered by Aticco, the location provides scope for a good network of contacts and an excellent business career.

What are you waiting for to set your tax address in the most strategic areas of Barcelona center with Aticco?

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Your office in Barcelona center, fully equipped at an unbeatable price

What really makes us different is our awareness of occupational health and the benefits of coworking spaces on a personal and professional level. It is precisely the catalog of services included together with our flexible rate plan what allowed us to get here after years of work. These are some of the included services that you can enjoy when betting on Aticco for the rental of shared offices:

  • Many square meters to inspire you.
  • A fully furnished office.
  • High-speed Internet and optical fiber.
  • A desk in one of our meeting rooms, event spaces or training rooms, provided with high quality ergonomic furniture.
  • Professional printer
  • Bright desks
  • Air conditioning and heating system.
  • Coworking spaces where you can connect with other companies.
  • The perfect social location for your business center.
  • Shared space or coworking space in the best environment.

All this for a very affordable price. And wait, because there is still more. Not for nothing are we among the favorites.

Who doesn’t want premium services with reasonable and flexible prices?

Squeeze the most out of your office rental in Barcelona

Okay, you’re sure that Aticco is what you want. See how you can get even more out of it. In addition to having all the exclusive office supplies; desks, staff, spaces for meetings in rooms and events, you can also have access to other services:

  • Reception room.
  • Fixed-rate services such as daily cleaning of the facilities.
  • Water and coffee
  • Community breakfast each Tuesday
  • Weekly content to keep you updated on the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Afterworks, sports competitions and other events for you to connect with the community.
  • Your office is always available: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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