Report of security and hygiene measures in Aticco Protocol against COVID-19

We are fully aware that there is some concern regarding how we will manage to go back using our facilities. We have been working hard these last weeks in order to create a new health and safety protocol which guarantees the hygienic standards of Aticco spaces for everyone.

This protocol is a constant work in progress due to the fact that everyday we are learning something new about this exceptional situation. The new protocol includes the following measures:

Access to the buildings

  • To avoid any contact, we have decided to change the access method in all our buildings replacing the fingerprint access for one with a personal card
  • All Aticco entrances and exits will be equipped with dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel
  • Our receptions will be equipped with body temperature controllers available to the community. For external visits it will be mandatory to go through the temperature control.
  • Protection partition screens will be installed at receptions and at the canteen of every building, security distance marks will be placed on the floor to respect social distancing too.

Disinfection of Aticco’s Buildings

  • We have acquired a disinfection system using OZONE in all our centers. It is the same system that authorities are using to disinfect hospitals, residences and public transport. Ozone eliminates viruses and bacteria in a powerful and profound way thanks to its safe gases.
  • Disinfection with OZONE will be carried out daily in all centers, with special emphasis on all shared spaces. It will be held at night so as not to disturb anyone. 

Hygiene and health

  • The cleaning service of the whole space has been extended and appropriate equipment will be available for deeper cleaning and disinfection of the centers.
  • The best way to avoid contamination is to wash your hands frequently. We strongly advise to continuously wash your hands.
  • All coworkers are recommended to wear masks in all Aticco spaces, especially when entering and in all the common areas of the buildings.
  • We recommend bringing your own kitchen utensils, such as plates, forks, cups, spoons… You will still have the tableware in the space at your disposal but we believe that, no matter how much they get cleaned, it is difficult to guarantee that no one has had contact with those objects before.
  • We are going to replace the bins in the bathrooms with a system that does not involve direct contact.

Packages and Parcels

  • In order to ensure the safety of the facilities, we strongly advise you to reduce to the very minimum the delivery of parcels at the office. The few essential packages arriving at the coworking will be kept in quarantine and they will not be distributed until after 24 hours from their arrival. 
  • Until further notice, delivery orders such as Glovo, Ubereats or similar are not allowed to be received in Aticco premises. If coworkers request it, they must go outside to collect it themselves.


  • We have cancelled all sporting events and activities at our facilities. Until further notice, no community event will be held in our spaces.
  • All our Aticco Talks programming is available weekly in webinar format. We are looking for new ways and formats to continue promoting networking among coworkers and adapt it to the current situation
Social Distancing
  • In order to respect the social distancing policy, we are limiting the capacity of all common spaces such as kitchens, meeting rooms, halls, canteens and terraces. We are installing signs throughout the spaces with information on the new capacity allowed as well as removing chairs and furniture from common areas. It is in everyone’s hands to respect these rules.
  • We are currently evaluating different office partitions for your desks in order to limit contacts even more.
  • We recommend the usage of the stairs: it is a great way to keep fit and at the same time you avoid small and closed spaces. Elevators are still functioning but with decreased capacity and weight limit.

Visitors Policy

  • During the following weeks, we highly recommend reducing the presence of external visitors to the space. Whenever possible we advise you to make video calls instead of face-to-face meetings.